Ripple Effect

ripple effect

I grew up being taught traditionally. We are all seated on our chairs while the teacher did the lecturing in front. I’ve been scolded many times for not listening because it was difficult for me to be seated for an hour without doing anything. I thought I just needed to behave better but after learning about this module, I realized that it is really a natural tendency for students to lose their focus and be disengaged when we are being passive learners.

Even before learning this module, I also assumed that there’s only one approach to teaching and that is through lecturing. I realized that I have missed a lot of opportunities growing up to become a better learner because I went to a public school. However, even though we have access to free education, it should not mean providing us a poor quality of education. We, just like the rich people, have the right to a quality education. One that is mindful of us as learners and not computer processors. Is it not the goal of education to give equal opportunities for all?

But what I don’t understand is that why haven’t we changed this kind of system? Does the educational system of our country lack the awareness? The conventional education should not punish students by giving them a century old way of teaching just because they can’t afford it. The improvement of our education relies on the leaders of our country. Unfortunately, they are not directly affected by any of these issues because they can afford to send their kids and grandkids to international schools wherein contemporary teaching approaches are utilized. So, the sense of urgency is not there at all.

As an informed learner, it is my responsibility to be active in searching ways to transform our educational systems by maybe joining organizations that call for reforms or additional budget. It is also my responsibility to promote varied approaches to teaching so that it becomes a ripple effect.

Our actions have the ripple effect. If as teachers, we are smart and wise of carefully choosing the approaches and pedagogy to optimize student learning, then we are also creating a bigger and wider impact through our students. Hoping that when they become teachers and parents themselves, they will do it too .


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