Looking at Human Learning Through a New Lens


Wow! I still can’t believe that I finished my Final output before the deadline! But while typing this, I’m also thinking of the other things such as blogs that I haven’t done. I’m also second guessing myself if what I wrote was actually correct or if it really reflected the totality of my understanding of this subject.

For a week, I was racking my brain thinking about what to write, how to start and what to focus on. It was not easy to explain everything that I want to explain in a 2-page essay and also make it meaningful and impactful. On the other hand, it’s a relief that it wasn’t such a big of a task as I felt like I’m going to experience disequilibrium in any moment. There are so many tasks and yet so little time but I kept telling myself, “self-efficacy, Rowena, self-efficacy…”

I’m totally happy about the learning that I had and relieved that I got this huge task off my to-do list and yet still feel overwhelmed. Weeks have gone by so fast and I feel like I haven’t gotten the chance to digest everything. There are so many important readings and articles that I felt I just skimmed through and didn’t get the opportunity to ponder on well.

On the brighter side, this subject has definitely made an impact on my own beliefs as an educator and as a learner. I plan to learn more how I could design my lessons using the concepts and principles that I learned. It made me also realized that our pre-made lessons in my school were designed with the primacy-recency effect in mind. So, it was amazing to actually know the term for it.

After all the readings, ponderings, learning of the fundamental theories of learning and analyzing its epistemological assumptions, I am now looking at human learning through a new lens. Me, that is more informed and aware of how humans learn and the current condition of our education. It is empowering, eye-opening and at the same time heartbreaking.

I have realized how much our education has become an agency for developing the cognitive abilities of our learners. Yet, that’s just one dimension of our overall being. It makes me feel sad that we seem to have lost our way with what our aim is for being educated.

Although constructivism is learner-centered, its approach in teaching human qualities such as being a risk-taker, imaginative, being an inquirer, caring, reflective, principled, or balanced are being taught implicitly. There is a need for a holistic approach in teaching, the need to know and teach students as human beings. It’s scary and ironic to think that because we are advancing in technology and communication, we’re going backwards with connecting with people.

Should a study of developmental psychology be part of the prequisite of being a teacher so that we become experts on children and on our field? Maybe or maybe not…What I know is that we keep asking for educational reforms and we’re always making new ones. It’s already a waste of our time. The change starts with us and it starts now.


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